On the wall!

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The interior of a home says a lot about it’s residents. Not only the furniture, but the accessories play a part in that as well. Including the decoration on the walls. With that you can show a bit of what’s important in your live. And you can also create a certain mood. Family pictures can make it personal, art can say something about the things you love and quotes about how you (want to) live your life. NL De inrichting …

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Plants bring life into your home. With plants you can make your home more personal. There are a lot of types of plants, large and little ones, too much to choose! You have a lot of options with the numerous types of flowerpots and the way you style them in your home.

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EVENT: Masterclass at Vitra NL

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This year I wanted to do things that I’ve never done before. To develope myself and to step a bit more out of my comfort zone. I was thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but never had the guts to really do it. When I came across an anouncement of the Masterclass Photography & Styling by Meet the Blogger at the Vitra showroom, I decided to subscribe. And what a good thing to do!

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Workspace at home

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Since a year I have a little workspace at home. A place just for me where I can work, write and be creative. I love to look at pretty things (who doesn’t!), so I surround myself as much as possible with things that make me happy. This can be different things. For example personal belongings with special memories, sometimes an expensive item that I’ve saved for, but it easily can be something that I found for a little price! It’s …

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