Christmas dinner table

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Yesterday I got a lot of nice responses on my post on my Instagram account of our Christmas dinner table, so I decided to write a blog about it! I love food and find it very interesting to know how it’s made. That’s why I watch a lot of shows on our Dutch cooking channel. After watching I always feel inspired to make some new recipes, but somehow it actually never comes to that and I end up making recipes …

On the wall!

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The interior of a home says a lot about it’s residents. Not only the furniture, but the accessories play a part in that as well. Including the decoration on the walls. With that you can show a bit of what’s important in your live. And you can also create a certain mood. Family pictures can make it personal, art can say something about the things you love and quotes about how you (want to) live your life. NL De inrichting …


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Plants bring life into your home. With plants you can make your home more personal. There are a lot of types of plants, large and little ones, too much to choose! You have a lot of options with the numerous types of flowerpots and the way you style them in your home.