DIY: Wooden babygym

José DIY, Kids 2 Comments

When Finn was a couple of weeks old, he really enjoyed to lay in the playpen or on his playmat. He discovered more and more things around him. He did not only observe the mobile(view this DIY here) that I made for him, but also tried to grab some toys. Fun to see this development! Time for a babygym! To watch and carefully learn how to play. The toys of the babygym are on a perfect height, easily for the …

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DIY: Birth treats

José DIY 4 Comments

As I wrote in earlier posts, I’m became a mom this May! To present something nice to all the family, friends and colleagues who came visit us, I made special birth treats. I received many nice comments on the pictures I shared on my Instagram account, so I decided to share on this blog how I made the cookies. It’s very easy!

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DIY: Baby mobile

José DIY, Kids 1 Comment

As you may have read in a previous post, I was expecting my first child on April the 27th. Such a special period of my life which I have enjoyed to the fullest. Also literally, because it took almost 42 weeks! On May the 7th our son Finn was born and the next special period of our live started! I can’t decribe how proud we are and how I love to be his mom! Before Finn’s birth I had the …

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The nursery

José Interieur 4 Comments

I’m so excited! My due date is in two days! Those 40 weeks went by so fast! We are very looking forward to meet our little one. Is it a girl? Or a boy? So exciting! In this post I will give you a short tour through the nursery with some DIY ideas.

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