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Ik doe lekker mee met de Urban Jungle trend. Eigenlijk heb ik helemaal geen groene vingers, maar ik begin het beetje bij beetje onder de knie te krijgen. Ik ben voorzichtig begonnen met cactussen en vetplanten, maar de laatste tijd komen er steeds meer andere plantjes bij in huis. En sinds kort ben ik zelfs aan het stekken geslagen!

DIY: Macramé plant hanger

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One of the trends is to collect greens in your home. And with greens I mean plants. A lot of plants! To create a little urban jungle. Together with the crochet trend a nice combination. A macramé plant hanger is easy to make yourself. A nice aspect is that you can pick the colour(s) and materials you want. You can add beads or tie extra knots to give the hanger something extra’s. In this blog I will show you step …

DIY: Plant Planet

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As you might know I love Instagram! I find it very inspiring and I like to post my own pics. You can also find some good initiatives on IG like Instaswap. Founded by Lynda to share some kindness. A very good cause! Two times a year you can apply to participate the instaswap. You hand in your name, adres and IG-account and in return you receive the name of the IG-account of someone else. Now you can select or make some …


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Plants bring life into your home. With plants you can make your home more personal. There are a lot of types of plants, large and little ones, too much to choose! You have a lot of options with the numerous types of flowerpots and the way you style them in your home.